Are you onboarding or overwhelming?

How’s life and business? I hope you are creating amazing client experiences and leaving your mark in their world.

Last week, I talked about creating and delivering an amazing experience for your clients. One part of that is providing complete clarity around the journey, from first steps to where the journey will take your clients, to achieving their desired outcome.

I want to talk a little more about what often happens when a new client comes into your program. This is more advanced, but I know you are ready for it.

Leaving your mark, standing out from other coaches, means taking a deeper look.

Most heart-centered coaches work incredibly hard to give their clients everything. We want to share all of our knowledge, give all of our expertise, and allow for every ounce of success possible, right?

That’s normal, heart-centered, and a really good thing.

We are often taught to give clients a cache of information, tons of resources, and “free” stuff right off the bat.

DANGER: Onboarding clients can quickly turn into overwhelming clients.

And while it may be with the best intentions…it can create a negative experience.

Just like in your enrollment sessions, you are listening vs dumping a ton of information. You are guiding the conversation, and keeping the desired outcome front and center, so that trust is built and decisions are easy.

Most people make the mistake of talking about their offer too soon before the value and trust is created and they come across as selling.

Moving too quickly in the enrollment conversation could make your potential client feel like your intention isn’t on serving them first, but rather on getting the sale, or it could just mean you were never taught the right way to hold an enrollment conversation. Both will lead to the loss of a client, and this is why you need to master the art of enrollment and learn to enroll without selling.

The same holds true for your approach to onboarding or bringing clients into your program.

Building trust by carefully guiding the conversation or the experience of your program as well as not burying the value with information overload, helps you avoid overwhelming your new client.

So what steps can we take to avoid overwhelming our clients?

Here are two things you can do:

  1. Set milestones
  2. Set success steps

What’s the difference?

One the client is aware of (milestones), and the other is something only you are aware of (success steps).

Milestones, per the dictionary, are an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development) and success steps are the anti-overwhelm structure you put in place that enables them to reach these milestones with ease, making the experience seamless.

Let me give you examples:


A client is in your membership program, consuming content and applying what they learn to their life or business. They have stayed active by moving through your program content and engaging you as well as other members. They reach month 3 and are still active – that can be a milestone.

Or your client has been receiving coaching by you and they finally complete 30 days of clean eating and feel amazing. That can be a milestone.

Success Steps:

A client just joined your membership program and there is a ton of content ahead of them. Group calls, coaching sessions, and exercises await. It could be overwhelming. Thankfully, you’ve identified success steps, so it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Success step #1 is to show up for the next group call.

This could involve, opening an email and adding the date, time, and call-in instructions to their calendar or it could involve accessing their members area and checking the calendar for the next immediate group call, then clicking a button to add it to their own calendar.

When your new client shows up for that first group call without a hitch (no frantic emails, no confusion, or difficulty) then they have achieved a success step.

Or a client made it 30 days in your healthy eating program, feeling amazing. To get there, they had a first step, then another, and another. You made that seamless.

Your clients can successfully achieve milestones in your program when you create success steps behind the scenes that they never know exist, but you do. These success steps make their journey seamless, easier than expected, and desired outcome-based!

And you leave your mark.

It really comes down to being aware, intentionally guiding (whether an enrollment conversation or the experience of your program), and holding your client’s desired outcome front and center.

It means not moving too fast or burying the value you bring with information overload.

If you can do that – Congrats! You are an incredible coach who is leaving her mark in the world!

I don’t know about you…but I have enough overwhelm in my life, like two small children! Here’s me, Mackenzie, and Madison (do I look overwhelmed?)





Thanks for listening and allowing me to share a piece of my life and expertise with you. Every week, I’ll send another “Leave Your Mark”, where I’ll share tips about how to build a business that enables you to leave your mark and make the biggest impact.

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