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How’s life and business? I hope you are having an incredible week full of smiles…here’s me and Mackenzie sharing smiles with you.


As you know, my business is all about enrollment coaching.

Having a conversation that is transparent, real, and heart-centered (around the client) that also results in a high number of conversions is my strength and I LOVE what I do.

That’s important.

Loving what you do comes through to your client and affects their experience. Your client’s experience is part of what helps you leave your mark.

How do you make certain that you are creating and delivering an incredible experience to your clients, so you leave your mark? I’ve been discovering this for myself and want to share.

I don’t have it all in place yet, but I’m adding as I go, and you can too. (Spoiler Alert: It’s not about having the most flashy membership site or sending quarterly postcards).

I want YOU to leave your mark and make an impact by delivering the most incredible experience you possibly can to your clients, here’s how you do it…

It’s all about being practical, being real, and being there for your clients.

1. Paint a “yellow brick road”. When you get a new client, have something in place that shows them right away – where to begin – where to go – and where the journey will take them.

There are several ways you can do this:

1a. Have a Getting Started call (you or your assistant can do this)

1b. Create a “roadmap” that lays out all the training, goals, and a suggested timeline to follow. BONUS: mail them a printed wall version that is a total surprise 🙂 If you love creating visual things yourself – try, it’s a free graphics tool that rocks!

1c. Create an email series that is labeled: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3. You get the idea. Make these short, sweet, and to the point. Include weekly to-do’s, things to think about, and a dash of inspiration.

2. Next, never leave them hanging! Make sure you always share an email address, phone number, or means of getting help and questions answered. Make it super clear, so they always know if they need help, where to get it. (Have you ever felt lost in a program? It doesn’t create a positive experience, does it?)

2a. Create a help line where they can leave voicemails like or (You can even get a branded number)

2b. Get an email address like help@yourbusiness or support@yourbusiness so it is easy to remember and use.

3. Make it personal. It’s hard in the online world where we have to send bulk emails and bulk text messages to make anything genuinely personal. Yet, doing that manually can get to be too much, really fast. Using a tool like boomerang for gmail allows you to set up emails from your personal gmail account and set them to send at a future date. So you can set up a few emails for your new client Sarah to welcome her, make sure she’s doing ok, and to wish her a Happy Birthday next month. Set it all up with each new client OR hand it off to your virtual assistant.

Speaking of which…here are two small virtual assistant companies that help coaches grow their business through tech support, general admin tasks, and you name it! (In case you need it)

Making the path and what steps to take super clear, being there for your clients when they have questions (even if it means leaving a voicemail), and reaching out personally makes for an incredible experience.

Your content, what you are teaching/coaching is already great. You’re the expert at what you do. But making the whole experience MORE by adding in things that create a positive emotion makes it incredible.

Remember that people buy based on how they feel in the moment…it’s emotional. And then your rock solid content and coaching backs up their emotional decision with logic. It’s the perfect mix for an incredible experience.

Go leave your mark.




Thanks for listening and allowing me to share a piece of my life and expertise with you. Every week, I’ll send another “Leave Your Mark”, where I’ll share tips about how to build a business that enables you to leave your mark and make the biggest impact.

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