How’s life and business?

I have a question for you: Have you ever thought about why you buy things?

I’m willing to bet that most of the time, it’s because you want whatever it is that you are buying.

Now, there are some of us who are more practical than others, who buy many things out of need. You may even ask yourself with each purchase, do I really need this?

That’s not the majority of people. And not the majority of your clients.

Why am I telling you this? Because you need to understand why people buy before you can help them make a decision about enrolling into your program.

In understanding why people buy, so you can support them in making a decision about buying, means you are paying attention and you are being of service, AND…

…you are leaving your mark!

Whether you are an established coach, transitioning out of the corporate world to do something more fulfilling, or making your contribution to others in your retirement years, leaving your mark is something important to you. It’s important to me.

Your business is the platform through which you can leave a HUGE mark on the world and your community, so build it right, and build it with a heart-centered approach.

One way we can do that is by understanding why our clients buy:

People buy from emotion. Most people buy something because they WANT it, not because they NEED it.

Now, here’s an opportunity to be of even greater service! In traditional selling, a client is likely sold what they want or convinced that they want what’s being sold (regardless of whether it is good for them).

In heart-centered enrollment, I teach you to sell them what they want, but then give them what they NEED. You know what they need in order to reach their desired outcome, so be the mentor and coach they need you to be and see the bigger picture.

They hire you so they can get the results they want. In order to understand their needs and wants, you have to ask questions, and ask a lot of the RIGHT questions. As the coach who’s leading the strategy session, your role is to ask the questions, and let the potential client do all the talking, and they will enroll themselves into your program.

Asking questions takes the focus away from you. Your focus is on the clients. This is how we want our could be clients to feel during enrollment sessions – that it is all about them and you are listening closely and asking questions. Then it never feels salesy at all.

Don’t try to tell them what they need. Chances are, you’ll lose them because they will make a decision to buy based on how they feel in the moment. They won’t feel excited in hearing what they need, but they will feel excited about hearing what they want reflected back to them. And excitement leads to sales!

As much as we want to share our wisdom because we’ve likely seen it all before, we still must honor our potential clients’ wants. Keep their desired outcome front and center.

We must honor where they are in the moment and quietly respect that they may not be able to see what they truly need yet. But that’s okay, because you’ll give them what they need regardless.

Can you see the importance of focusing on what your potential client wants?

It’s simplistic. You’re acknowledging what they want, but giving them what they need, so they are happy and ultimately reach their desired outcome.

Not too different from mothering really…but somehow applying this to my 3 year old and 6 month old is way harder. I’ll let you know when I master it. 🙂



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